PillowMint’s intention is to create memories - and save memories!

We wish to provide people with small unique live events, in beautiful and cozy surroundings with a fantastic atmosphere. Great experiences where you get just a little bit more than you were expecting.

We also wish to give people the opportunity to save these precious moments in an app - so they can enjoy recalling these moments and other life memories again and again. 

With the Life Memories app, you can store all your precious moments and life memories in one place - with both photos and text.

PillowMint is proud to present the Life Memories app. An idea based on my own needs.

After realising that I now, 45 years of age, had experienced so many great things in my life, that I couldn't quite remember which year I visited Rome with my husband or went to Barcelona with a group of friends. I could of course scroll through my photos, but it would be a lengthy process. I wished for a system, where I could easily find exactly the memory I was looking for and revisit it with both photos and writing at the same time.

The idea was tucked away for a couple of years - but in 2021 I decided that I had to try it out.

And now the Life Memories app is a dream come true in great collaboration and work passion with Visual Data. 


If you have any questions regarding PillowMint please write to us: